About MDF


Market Development Forum (MDF) is the leading knowledge management and alliance building platform of market development practitioners in Bangladesh. It is primarily a platform for sharing information and experiences in different market development models.

The need for systematic changes in market development approaches is vital for development. Although development is a continuous process and various strategies and approaches are undertaken by organizations but these are often overlapping. Besides, many organizations have to invest heavily to analyze systems before developing new interventions. MDF works as a premium platform to coordinate all these issues and support its member organizations in exchanging experiences and lessons from using different approaches and strategies, test new approaches or concepts and hence, improve the overall understanding of how to influence market systems.

MDF started its operation in 2005 and was formed as a joint effort of CARE- Bangladesh, GTZ-PROGRESS, KATALYST and IFC-SEDF with an aim to create greater collaboration and coordination among organizations and projects applying different market development approaches and to make those approaches more effective, synchronized, and sustainable. Overtime online, the brand name of MDF has gained reputation which has interested many organizations become a member.

Over the course of time, MDF has evolved from an informal forum to a formal association, registered under the section 29 of the Companies Act, 1994. Now, coordination among the market development approaches, knowledge sharing among the member organizations on different themes and innovation and partnership (through innovation fund) are the key objectives of this organization.

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