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The MDF operates on the ownership of the members and their commitment to the forum and its activities. It has been decided that in order to stimulate greater commitment from all stakeholders, all regular members should be signatories to the MDF MoU. Each regular member of the MDF is required to sign the MoU referring to the commitment of all members of the MDF to undertake the following activities proactively:

  • Inform the MDF office about upcoming major research activities of their project or program.
  • Inform the MDF office about visit of international experts that could be of interest to the other stakeholders of MDF.
  • Provide the MDF office with electronic copies of reports (unclassified) which could be potentially of interest to other stakeholders of the MDF.
  • Inform the MDF office about upcoming training events that are of potential interest to other stakeholders.
  • Provide and update information for the member profiles on the web portal.
  • Attend the stakeholders meeting. Two persons from each organization should be available for representation.
  • Contribution by each member to carry out an activity under the banner of MDF (even just hosting one stakeholdersā€™ meeting)

This MoU provides the basis to fund and support activities related to the functioning of the MDF and the office and activities of the coordinator. MDF is usually conducts following activities-

  • General Discussion Events (GDE) – Internal/External
  • Field Trips
  • Thematic Working Groups (TWG)
  • Technical Committees for specific issues
  • Local Learning Groups (LLG)
  • Platform for Policy Advocacy

For more info regarding this please download/see the file MDF Vehicles

Carrying forward from the lessons learnt through the course of the last two years, and looking into the potential position that can be reached by the MDF, the stakeholders have decided to be more proactive in accomplishing the vision of MDF. Possible services that can be provided or incorporated into the MDF are:

  • A learning centre for market development in Bangladesh
  • A complete resource centre for information on market development
  • A platform for facilitating synergized market development activities among the actors in Bangladesh
  • Sharing information between the different members on a regular basis
  • Holding nationwide information sessions related to the lessons and successes of market development in Bangladesh

Thus the vision of MDF is intended to be realized by means of the annual business plans being developed with inputs from all the regular members of MDF. A business plan will be developed every year under the leadership of the Executive Committee. This plan will outline the activity and sponsorship plans for the MDF for that particular year. Activities in the business plan are to be designed aiming MDF to be the ultimate centre of market development information and resources in Bangladesh.

The EC, Chair and theĀ ED of the MDF will make certain that the activities outlined in the business plan are carried out through the course of the year. Each activity is headed and sponsored by different member organizations of the MDF, working closely with the coordinator to ensure the smooth running of each event.

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