Annual General Meeting-2016

Photo Gallery of MDF AGM-2016

Dairy Value Chain Experience and Knowledge Sharing for Future Intervention

VSO Bangladesh and Market Development Forum (MDF) jointly organized a seminar on "Dairy Value Chain Experience and Knowledge Sharing for Future Intervention". The seminar was held in BRAC Centre Inn on December 14, 2013. Our members CARE Bangladesh, Oxfam GB Bangladesh and Practical Action presented their cases on Dairy Value Chain and shared their experience to create any future opportunities for intervention in this sector. Although majority of participants were from...

MDF Breakfast Meeting

The breakfast meeting is a new addition to the meetings was to compile the views of regional practitioners and channel them to international platforms like SEEP Conference. "How can better coordination and cross-organizational learning contribute to building more inclusive market systems and societies that benefit marginalized communities and households?" This was the discussion topic in one of the MDF Breakfast Meeting held on September 18, 2013. It was a fruitful...

Workshop on “Partnering for Inclusive Business”

MDF and the members CARE Bangladesh, IDE Bangladesh and Renaissance Consultants Ltd. (RCL) partnered with Business Innovation Facility (BIF) for a two day workshop on "Partnering for Inclusive Business". The focus of the workshop was to promote effective cross-sectoral partnership between the private sectorand NGOs for encouraging more Inclusive business. There was a good participation of both the private sector and development sector leading to a fruitful discussion of...

Doing business with low income people- Inclusive Business for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh.

Our members CARE Bangladesh, IDE Bangladesh and Renaissance Consultants Ltd.(RCL) along with Business Innovation Facility (BIF) jointly organized a series of roundtable discussions and workshops. There were three roundtable discussions and four workshops. The events focused on how development sector and private sector can work cohesively for sustainable development by using re inclusive business. The topics are as follows: Roundtable discussions: Private...

Workshop on Duck and Maize Value Chain in Char, Coastal and Haor areas

Oxfam Bangladesh and GMark Consulting Ltd. organized a dissemination workshop on Duck and Maize Value Chain in Char, Coastal and Haor areas. The event was held on the 15th June at BRAC Inn Center. The reports from the workshop are as follows: Introduction of Duck and Maize Study Maize Value Chain Presentation of Maize Study Duck Value Chain Presentation of Duck Value Chain Study

Workshop titled "Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain"

Are you having problems with your current Supply Chain? Are you getting irregular qualities and flow of supplies? Are you facing uncontrolled price fluctuation? Are you frustrated with the non value adding middlemen? If all or most of the answers of the above questions are YES then your organization needs to think of a new way to manage your Supply Chain more effectively. In this workshop we will highlight tools and technology to develop a sustainable...

Workshop titled ‘Market Development Opportunity and Challenges for the Bottom of Pyramid Consumers’

With the changing social structure, at present a lot of the large private sector companies are being able to take the advantage of doing business in the BoP market, one of the fast growing markets with increasing purchasing power. However, this is not always easy. The challenges include understanding demand patterns, researching and developing suitable product and services, and creating a robust distribution network while at the same time keeping the prices affordable for...

Workshop on “Investing on Employee’s Skill Development”

Our member CARE Bangladesh initiated this day-long workshop with support from IDE Bangladesh, MDF, Business Innovation Facility (BIF) and Renaissance Consultants Ltd. is organizing. The workshop will be held on April 13, 2013. In the workshop, you will get the opportunity to interact with development sector organizations and fellow private sector veterans to find out ways in which you can find, recruit, and train up more skilled and dedicated people with the...

Roundtable Discussion on Reaching the Bottom of the Pyramid Consumers: Opportunities and Challenges

This was the third round table discussion of the series of workshops and roundtable discussions CARE Bangladesh is organizing. MDF coordinated this discussion with support from IDE Bangladesh, Renaissance Consultants Ltd.,Business Innovation Facility(BIF) and GIZ. The topic of roundtable discussion was “Reaching the Bottom of the Pyramid COnsumers: Opportunities and Challenges”. The event was scheduled on March 24, 2013 at GIZ office from 2:30pm to 5:30pm....

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