Guidelines for the MDF Innovation Fund

Market Development Forum (MDF), a public company, limited by Guarantee and registered with RJSCB under section 29 of the companies Act, 1994 will provide a maximum fund of BDT 9, 00,000 (Nine lakh) for the purpose of undertaking an innovative idea or a common issue that various members want to work on together. Innovation can be defined as a new product, service delivery mechanism, system, business model or a concept that can test the existing ones, or adaptation of existing...

MDF Members’ Meet

MDF Members’ Meet at Katalyst on 13th of September, 2012 On September13, 2012 MDF organized the Members’ Meet which was held in Katalyst and was participated by both existing and prospective member organizations. The meeting agenda comprised of issues regarding MDF’s new structure, explanation of vehicles, membership benefits, innovation funds, classification and fees , and acknowledgement of donors. The meet was commenced by Mr. Rajiv Pradhan (iDE Bangladesh),...

MDF Field Trip – Rangpur/ Kurigram/Bogra:

MDF coordinated a cross-learning field trip in greater Rangpur in the last week of June. MDF was initially approached by Katalyst to carry out this trip. CARE-BD and IDE too expressed their interest once they came to know about this.Through this field trip, selected interventions of IDE, CARE-BD and Katalyst were demonstrated to representatives from interested organizations. Besides the organizers, a good number of participants coming from 5 different organizations...

Seminar on “Promoting Responsible Environment and Gender Practices in Private Sector Development”

Market Development Forum organized a seminar on the aforementioned topic with support of Katalyst at Lakeshore hotel, Gulshan in June 21, 2012 where around sixty participants from MDF members and private sector shared their opinion and experiences through case studies, presentation & panel discussion. Through this event, MDF achieved a better understanding of how Private Sector Development projects can contribute to gender mainstreaming and environmentally responsible...

Workshop on Complexity Dialogue

Market Development Forum (MDF) in collaboration with Katalyst hosted an interactive discussion around complexity in science of private sector development initiative, to explore how some of the concepts in this discipline are related to the work that the practitioners are engaging in at Asia Pacific Blossom Hotel, Baridhara in May 20, 2012. Mr. Luis E. (Lucho) Osorio-Cortes, International Market Systems Specialist from Practical Action, UK will initiate...

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