Workshop on “Investing on Employee’s Skill Development”

Our member CARE Bangladesh initiated this day-long workshop with support from IDE Bangladesh, MDF, Business Innovation Facility (BIF) and Renaissance Consultants Ltd. is

organizing. The workshop will be held on April 13, 2013.

In the workshop, you will get the opportunity to interact with development sector organizations and fellow private sector veterans to find out ways in which you can find, recruit, and train up more skilled and dedicated people

with the support of development organizations, who have years of experience in working with these people. Moreover, our Resource Person – Mr. David Ambadar, Project Manager of Sustainable Supplier Project (SSP) from GIZ, has extensive private sector work experience and is renowned in his online casino field. Also, successful case studies on collaborative Employee Development will be shared in this workshop.

The following presentations were made in the workshop:

  1. Empowering our Workforce –

    CARE Bangladesh

  2. Upcoming activities of Centre

    of Excellence Agro Food Skills (CEAFS) Foundation

  3. Skills Development Training in RMG Sector -GIZ
  4. Rapid Training Need Analysis to Identify Skill gaps of Supermarket Workers in Dhaka- RCL
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