Workshop titled "Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain"

Are you having problems with your current Supply Chain?

Are you getting irregular qualities and flow of supplies?

Are you facing uncontrolled price fluctuation?

Are you frustrated with the non value adding middlemen?

If all or most of the answers of the above questions are YES then your organization needs to think of a new way to manage your Supply Chain more effectively. In this workshop we will highlight

tools and technology to develop a sustainable Supply Chain, which is good for poor producers and farmers and also for your organization. We will also cover how you can develop relationship with suppliers and middlemen who are actually partners of your business.

CARE Bangladesh

has initiated this series of workshop with support from IDE Bangladesh, Renaissance Consultants Ltd., Business Innovation Facility (BIF) and MDF helped in coordination.

The workshop was held on Aprill 22, 2013. The following presentations were made in the workshop:

  1. Supply Chain development
    -Renaissance Consultants Ltd.
  2. SHOURDHO II Program and its Opportunities for Private Sector
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