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Workshop titled ‘Market Development Opportunity and Challenges for the Bottom of Pyramid Consumers’

With the changing social structure, at present a lot of the large private sector companies are being able to take the advantage of doing business in the BoP market, one of the fast growing markets with increasing purchasing power. However, this is not always easy. The challenges include understanding demand patterns, researching and developing suitable product and services, and creating a robust distribution network while at the same time keeping the prices affordable for the target population. The development sector has been working for the improvement of livelihood of poor and ultra poor people for decades. As a part of their

short extended programs, they have gained in-depth understanding of poor people’s behavior, particularly spending habits. Therefore, there is huge opportunity of partnership

and knowledge sharing between development sector and private sector. A series of workshop, initiated by CARE Bangladesh in collaboration with Renaissance Consultants Ltd, iDE Bangladesh, MDF, and BIF, is seeking to promote cross sectoral partnership for encouraging more Inclusive Business growth and thus ensuring commercial benefit for private sector Companies at exemplary benefit for the poor. The workshop was held on April

20, 2013. It was a day long workshop that included presentations, group work and many more. The materials from the workshop are as follows: JITA presentation by Mr. Saif Rashid, CEO Leveraging market for poor worker – A K Khan Waterhealth Reaching the Bottom of the Pyramid- CARE Bangladesh E-clinic: Integration of ICT in Health Sector -BIID Rural Sales Programme -BATA ACI Presentation

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